The burner creates the special and magic sound of a hot air balloon flight. It can be identify as the engine of the hot air balloon, heating the air in the envelope. 

The flame of the burner has 600ºC and a power of 5 meters high. This flame creates a hot air babble that goes up by the sides of the envelope.

post cremador

Burner heating the air in the envelope

The fuel of the burner is gas propane stored in bottles in the basket.

bombona post opt

Bottle of propane and a fan

There are two types of flames. The efficient one used in flights and the liquid one, that is a quieter flame used when flying over forests and areas with animal that shouldn’t be frightened.  This flame is also the protagonist of night glow shows since the flame is more luminous and spectacular

ebf night glow

 European Balloon Festival Night Glow




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