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Privat familiar flight


private hot air balloon

You can book the ticket without an specific date and area of the flight, perfect for gifts.
Valid 365 days from purchase

Private hot air balloon flight for 4 people
This is a balloon flight designed to enjoy the experience with all its comforts. An accessible basket, with 4 ergonomic seats and two access doors, allow everyone to experience the adventure. During the flight the passengers are seated. The flight is about an hour and a quarter, discovering the best landscapes in Catalonia. Once on the ground, the balloon will be collected and the flight diploma will be delivered. Photographies will be taken from the ground and air throughout the activity, and will be sended by email.

The flight includes:

  • Preparation of the balloon
  • Flight of 1h and 15minutes approx
  • Landing and collection of the balloon
  • Flight Certificate
  • Pictures of the activity

The activity lasts3 hours.


  • The cost is 1190€ and includes the 4 people

Flight program

Preparation of the hot air balloon.

Meeting time:
Summer: 07:00am (aprox) Winter: 08:00am (aprox)

Hot air balloon flight.

Flight of 1h and 15min approximately, depending on the meteorology.

Landing and collection of the balloon

afterwards the flight diploma will be delivered.

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The indicated price is for the group.

It is forbidden for pregnant women.

Sales price 1190,00 €
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