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viaje en globo

Now you can experience an impressive and unforgettable balloon adventure traveling. Remember there to enjoy life fully performing recreational activities and safe, one of the most recommended and ideal ways to have fun is to travel in a balloon to enjoy the stunning natural beauty from the heights.

What are the advantages you will receive when booking a balloon flight in our company:

1. First of customer service we offer is efficient, we offer you the attention of a qualified and trained staff ensure you a trip in recreational globe, safe, and memorable.

2. The cost of travel we offer are really competitive for you, ideal for you to spend a fun time on high, in a natural and comfortable environment.

3. You can share healthy and entertaining moments with people who love and appreciate both. A quality trip is within your reach, take advantage you'll enjoy the most. You can enjoy balloon ride with full confidence, comfort, and satisfaction is our goal.

4. You must be safe and quiet air balloon traveling with us, our experience proves us success and prestige of our business.
Another of the great advantages that you should take advantage of, is that we offer several types of balloon flight, so you can decide for the one you like and see fit. All our trips are adapted exclusively for the traveler knows beautiful areas in a natural environment, and rewarding emotions.

Enjoy the beauty of stunning and entertaining places in a fully comfortable ride. If you want you can bring a camera so you have fond memories of this wonderful journey.
Ballooning trips offered by our company are the best you can find so you can travel with your family or friends, and enjoy a trip full of top quality at a low price.

CAMINS DE VENT S.C.P., has the mission to give you a balloon ride safe and comfortable, so you can have fun safely, knowing wonderful places with your family, group of friends or coworkers.
Book your trip from now, you are guaranteed an efficient service, and high quality. You are welcome to join this amazing adventure, always takes advantage of the deals we provide, and good prices for our travels. Enjoy the beauty from the heights, in our quality balloons and colorful.

volar en globo

The balloon was the first invention that enabled the human being take to the skies. Thereafter, all kinds of devices capable of flying were created. However, this artifact created over two hundred years ago remains largely unchanged. No need to guess as the first pilot of a hot air balloon felt. You can experience it for yourself.

The flights are conducted early in the morning, as about seven or eight, depending on the season. The reason to make so early is that, at that hour of the morning, the winds tend to be less intense and predictable. Once the sun shines more strongly, it may cause sudden currents that could hinder air navigation.

Of course there are days when adverse weather conditions can be early. The pilots are well trained to decide whether to fly at a given time. If this happens, the departure will be postponed, without this implying no extra charge to you.
worry not thinking that this is a dangerous activity. It has been said that if flying is the safest way to travel, walking Ballooning is the safest way to fly. The whole family can make this route, regardless of the age of the passengers. The only restriction is for pregnant women.

Some believe that because of the height, will be very cold up there. But to experience a drastic change in temperature, the balloon would have to rise much more than it really does. So, if you're wondering what clothes you need to wear to fly, the answer is very simple: the same you would take if you were that same day to walk through the countryside where the takeoff is performed.
Finally, it should be noted that the trip does not follow a specific itinerary. It is impossible to control the direction of flight. It is a balloon, not a plane. The wind determines the direction we will take. What you can do is adjust the height pilot to find more favorable currents that lead to a good landing site.

Flying balloon is a wonderful experience. Camins de vent invites you to experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Fly with us!!


European Balloon Festival 2017

The biggest statewideHot Air Balloon concentration.From the 6th to the 9th of July 2017.   

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