Tethered hot air balloon

A tethered hot air balloon is a way of enjoying the magic of the hot air balloon and the good things of have it tethered. An static hot air balloon is a balloon tethered on the floor with ropes that allow them to rise for 20 meters approximately.

This activity is special for presential and promotional acts, of marketing and promotion. 

Also perfect for weddings and big events

When can we do a captive flight?

TIME: The best hours to do the activity is at sunrise and sunset, or even the night.
SEASON OF THE YEAR: As the rest of the activities, at any season of the year.
NECESSARY SPACE: It is necessary to have a free space for 40 x 40 meters.

We have different options for personalize the hot air balloon, even to create a brand new hot air balloon.
To have more information and a orientating budget, you can contact us by phone or on the contact space.

We are an specialized company on advertising and hot air balloon events.