Online gift of a hot air balloon flight to enjoy once back to normal

How to give a balloon
flight in quarantine times?

Luckily we continue to have good news and birthdays to celebrate. And that's why we are still here, virtually at your side, to offer you the best service.

The good news and celebrations we have to currently celebrate them with friends and family through video calls in the best scenario. And the difficulty of making a gift these days is immense.

For this reason we want to make it very easy for you, since giving a hot air balloon flight is giving a unique experience.

How to give a hot air balloon flight?

  •  Choose the hot air balloon flight you want to give. 
  • It is not necessary to choose the day or the area to fly, it can be choosen by the person who recieves the present, once back to normal.
  • We will send you by email a personalized ticket.
  • You can give it online, sending the ticket.

Giving a hot air balloon flight is doing an original and different present, a unforgettable experience.
Therefore we have created a big variety of experiences to offer the perfect product in each occasion and budget.
The perfect experience as a birthday gift, romantic present, an original wedding present or even the perfect romantic proposal.

The perfect gift



Deluxe 3XL

Private Sunset

Private Premium

Private Deluxe

Senior flight

Gastronomic VIP

Box/envelope + envío

We fly all over Catalunya

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