FAQ about a hot air balloon flight

The most common questions

To enhance the confinement due to COVID-19, we have committed to continuing to publish information and knowledge about hot air balloons.
In the first post we talked about the different parts of a hot air balloon.
In the second post we talked about how does a hot air balloon fly.
In the third post we explain the history of the hot air balloon.

  Today we will solve the most frequent questions before, during and after the hot air balloon flight. If you have more questions, send us an email and we will be happy to answer them.

Why do we have to get up so early? Do you only do one flight a day?

At first hour in the morning is when the conditions are optimal (In summer, 7 in the morning and in winter at approximately 8). It is at this time when it is less windy, the atmosphere is cold and the atmosphere stable. Conditions get worse when it starts to get hot and flying then would be dangerous. For this reason, we only fly once a day.

What will the tour be like and where will we land?

The flight will be decided by the wind, because the hot air balloon cannot be directed. Despite not having direction control, the balloon can go up and down and in this way there are those air currents that guide us towards a good direction and a good place to land. Therefore, the conditions of height and duration of the flight will be determined by the wind.

What do you need to pilot a balloon?

Yes, you must have the title of hot air balloon pilot. To do so, a theoretical and practical exam must be taken. Camins de Vent is a school certified by Civil Aviation to train pilots. If you are interested, read the requirements here and contact us.

Can anyone fly?

This is a safe activity that runs smoothly. People of all ages have flown with us. However, we always ask for common sense. The only limitation is that pregnant women cannot fly.

Is it cold during the flight?

  Although it seems the opposite, that due to the height it will be colder, it is not true. You should be dressed according to the ambient temperature. We always recommend comfortable clothing, since the activity is practiced outdoors, wear good footwear and do not wear high heels or flip flops.

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