For another year, the European Balloon Festival, 

the leading hot-air balloon festival and competition at a European level, was a complete success. From Thursday the 6th to Sunday the 9th of July, more than 35,000 visitors and some fifty hot air balloons with their equipment from all over the world filled the central park of the city of Igualada with smiles and enthusiasm.

The winning hot air balloon pilot of the competition was Nel Rodríguez from the Camins de Vent team


In addition to the numerous activities for all audiences that took place during the four days that the festival lasted, visitors were able to enjoy flights specially designed for the occasion, although the first afternoon flight could not take off due to the rain, as the Camins de Vent pilots Carlos Costa and Nel Rodríguez tell us in this video from Canal Taronja Anoia.

The most exciting moment of the entire festival was the closing act with the Night Glow show, where you could see the balloons placed in a row next to each other synchronized with the music and with the instructions of the presenter. The pilots lit their burners, creating a spectacular atmosphere for all the attendees who filled the airfield to the brim and enjoyed this latest edition like never before.

Facebook channel of European Balloon Festival


Another moment that stood out for its spectacularity was the drone show. A show that drew a three-dimensional story in the sky that revolved around the 40-year history of the company Ultramágic, the only manufacturer of hot air balloons in Spain and the relationship of the city of Igualada with balloons.


dron1 ok

dron2 ok

Images of the Drones show taken from the Instagram de @flockdroneart organizers and managers of the show


This year's edition has been a resounding success, both in number of participants and in activities and flights carried out.

We wait for you in the next edition