The spring with Camins de Vent

In ancient times, spring was considered the longest time of the year. The Romans called "primo vere", which would be the first summer.   

Do you know why our balloons are green and yellow?

When spring arrives, the fields are full of colour because nature comes to life after winter. The wheat fields have already sprouted and filled the landscape with green, while the rapeseed opens its yellow flowers. Now you know where our balloons' colours come from, and that is why we love spring.

We are privileged since spring only occurs in the most temperate areas of the planet. In tropical regions, such as the strip near the equator, they just have the dry season and the rainy season.

Spring and Health

Spring is a season related to health since we have more hours of sunlight that gives us vitamin D, improves our skin's appearance, has more quality sleep, and stimulates our defences. Therefore, we want to go outside and do activities taking advantage of the excellent weather.

If you have the opportunity to fly in a balloon during this season, you will enjoy a mosaic of colours, see different shades of green and yellow fields or fly over areas of almond trees in bloom. With your ears wide open, you will be able to hear the birds since, with the arrival of spring, the air fills with their songs.

As we have already explained in previous publications, balloon flights are early in the morning. This allows you to take advantage of the rest of the day enjoying the areas where we make the flights, whether on an excursion or sightseeing in small towns or cities.

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