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Gastronomic Balloon Flight VIP


You can book the ticket without an specific date and area of the flight, perfect for gifts.
Valid 365 days from purchase

Gastronomic hot air balloon with tasting menu during the flight
The gastronomic hot air balloon flight is a very special and unique flight. Four seats, complemented with tables and access doors, create a unique hot air balloon basket in the world. The menu is inspired in the Mediterranean culture, and can be sweet or salty, depending on the guest’s preferences. The experience of flying over a stunning landscape while enjoying a Mediterranean inspired menu is an unforgettable and exclusive experience.

If you may want more information about the menu or you have preferences, please contact us and we will help you. The price of the flight includes 4 people.

The flight includes:

  • Preparation of the hot air balloon
  • Flight of one hour and a quarter approximately
  • Tasty menu -sweet or salty- during the flight
  • Landing and collect of the balloon
  • Cava toast with sweet pastries and fruit
  • Flight Certificate
  • Pictures of the activity
  • Return to the meeting point by off-road vehicles

The activity lasts 3 hours.

Flight program

Preparation of the hot air balloon.

Meeting time:
Summer: 07:00am (aprox) Winter: 08:00am (aprox)
You can join the crew on the preparation of the balloon.

Hot air balloon flight.

Flight of 1h and 15min approximately, depending on the meteorology.
The Mediterranean menu will be enjoyed during the flight.

Landing and collection of the balloon

You can join the crew on the collection of the balloon.

Cava toast with pastries.

Cava toast to celebrate the flight, with pastries and juices.

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It is forbidden for pregnant women.

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