The hot air balloon ritual 

Prepare the balloon to fly

To enhance the confinement due to COVID-19, we have committed to continuing to publish information and knowledge about hot air balloons.
In the first post we talked about the different parts of a hot air balloon.
In the second post we talked about how does a hot air balloon fly.
In the third post we explain the history of the hot air balloon.
in the fourth post we talked about the most common doubts about balloon flight. 

Today we want to tell you the ritual of preparing the balloon to fly.

The preparation of the hot air balloon

The balloon flight is different every day, we never land in the same place or go through exactly the same corners of the territory. However, there is one thing that is always the same: balloon preparation.

Balloon preparation is a ritual that is always done in the same way, following the same steps. Without haste, everything in its time, joins each part of the balloon to form the hot air balloon that we all know. These steps also help to concentrate and visualize the balloon flight.

The 15 steps

In the early hours of the morning, before the sun rises, the pilot and his team are already at the take-off area.
Pilots like to get to the takeoff area early, watch the weather, throw a helium balloon to see in the direction of the wind, and so on.

Once the weather conditions have been checked, the hot air balloon ritual begins.

  • Place the car and trailer in the right place from where you want the hot air balloon to take off.
  •  Adjust the burner to the basket.
  • Carry out the basket from the trailer and remove the fan (which will serve to inflate the balloon envelope with cold air).
  • Place the basket on the ground.
  • Place the fan in the strategic place so that the air goes directly to the envelope.
  • Attach the envelope to the burner and the basket.
  • The envelope is laid down on the ground with the help of the car (as the candle can weigh about 250kg or more).
  • The car is tied to the balloon as a security measure.
  • The crown rope, the rope tightened by the helper when the pilot is lifting the balloon, is stretched so that the balloon straightens up in a controlled manner.
  • The fan starts to inflate the envelope.
  • The parachute closes, a part of the balloon that helps control when getting on and off during flight.
  • Once the envelope is inflated with cold air, the pilot heats this air with the burner, causing the envelope to stand up straight.
  • Passengers access the balloon, an easy part since we have accessible balloons with doors.
  • The pilot checks the flight instruments and does the briefing to the passengers.
  • The balloon is unleshed from the car and goes out to enjoy one of the best experiences in the world: flying in a balloon!

Now you can watch a video where you can see great part of the steps to follow to prepare the hot air balloon.
Do not try this at home;)

Can anyone fly?

This is a safe activity that runs smoothly. People of all ages have flown with us. However, we always ask for common sense. The only limitation is that pregnant women cannot fly.

Is it cold during the flight?

Although it seems the opposite, that due to the height it will be colder, it is not true. You should be dressed according to the ambient temperature. We always recommend comfortable clothing, since the activity is practiced outdoors, wear good footwear and do not wear high heels or flip flops.

What will the tour be like and where will we land?

The flight will be decided by the wind, because the hot air balloon cannot be directed. Despite not having direction control, the balloon can go up and down and in this way there are those air currents that guide us towards a good direction and a good place to land. Therefore, the conditions of height and duration of the flight will be determined by the wind.

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